Loretta’s Story

Well, let’s get right to it. I had been having headaches for quite awhile and we went to see a neurologist, actually my then doctor referred me to one in my area. He ordered a ct scan and found that I had large ventricles and fluid on my brain(Hydrocephalus), he then set me up to have a Spinal Tap {lumbar puncture}. I saw a neurosurgeon, who thought putting a shunt in could make me have a stroke. He decided I had the fluid for awhile and it wasn’t getting worse. So, they sent me on my way: I wasn’t exactly satisfied with the answers they gave me. So, I talked with a nurse that I worked with and she suggested I go and see someone else. The problem with that was the city we live in doesn’t allow second opinions on Neurologists, so she called in a favor and got me in.

I can say it was the best thing that ever happened to me, he was the first and only doctor that did an MRI after 4 CT scans and nothing showed up but the fluid. He asked if I had ever had an MRI and I said no and he ordered one. Now days I’m getting to be a pro at Mri’s, I’m claustrophobic so I’ve gotten use to having them. I’ll never forget when the nurse called and asked if I could come in right away, and then my husband called and said he was called to come with me: something in me knew it was not good news.

Well, I was right: it turned out to be a primary malignant brain tumor and I needed surgery. So, my neurologist sent me to the best place possible MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I had my surgery and radiation to kill the cells: and have been cancer free for a year and a half now. I still go back every 4 months for another MRI, at first it was every two months and then every 3 months and so on.

My faith in God is what keeps me going, he has been so good to me and my family. You know Bro. Russ asked me one day while I was going through the treatments, what is the hardest part? Well, knowing how much I missed my kids when I had to be away from them and my husband. I told him my hair, that losing it was the hardest part. It seems vain, but I am really not a vain person, it wasn’t about the looks it was about the emotion, God had given me this beautiful long hair and now the cancer had taken it from me. I tried to keep it long as long as I could, but too much started falling out and I finally had to cut it, it is slowly growing back but not in the place I had the surgery.  I am now on my way to recovering,  I am so Grateful for the time God has given me to talk with people and share my story and listen to stories about people with cancer. God Bless everyone!

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