For Loretta

God seems to be doing a job on my heart now, spent the last couple of days thinking of him, getting the joy of the Lord back through praise, worship, those special songs.  I know a lot of this is everyone’s prayers, so thank you, thank you, thank you.  We can’t replace Loretta, but we can sure be thankful for the time we had her, and what she gave us…Ture Love and Happiness.
To Loretta - I’ll see you one day, sweetheart.  But I’m going to put joy in my heart and a smile on my face because I even had the privilege of you in my life, and you introduced me to a God I didn’t know in this way previously.  You showed me what an innocent heart is, what true love for our Lord can be, and the value of heart-felt worship.  You are Beautiful, forever now.  But, that is just you and your wonderful, sweet, innocent spirit.  I Love You.  Forever.  And a day.  (and…it’s still going….)  Until you show me around our mansion, I know you are making ready now, I will miss you dearly.  My heart rejoices for you, finally in the presence of our Savior.  How Glorious that must be!!
You won, my wife.  You won.  Now, I’ll get busy winning too.
You are my sunshine.  My only sunshine.  My precious wife.  I love and miss you dearly.  I’m so happy you really really understood just how deeply I love you.  So until we are together again, I’ll just keep you in my heart, where you’ve always been.  Love you!!  Sweet dreams.

- Your Hubby

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