Update on Loretta

We saw the neuro-oncologist, and the “new” area has grown.  With a twist.  He had a lengthy scan review with what he deemed as “one of the best radiology scan interpreters in the world”, and they both agree this fits all the signs of radiation necrosis.  Every checkpoint was positive for necrosis vs tumor.  They have said this before, but the scan does look “different” this time.  There is no solid anything, it’s just a whispy-white cloud-ish looking formation.  Tumors before have always showd up as solid white masses.  So, I remain cautiously optimistic.

They do have a special MR that can tell with 70-80% accuracy if this is necrosis or tumor.  If it’s necrosis, there are very good treatments that can probably help her regain her speech and limb movement.  If it’s tumor, they are going to try another chemo that attacks the blood vessels feeding the thing.  The original tumor they were treating with Temodar is completley gone…as a matter of fact, in the same scan that showed the new “area of interest” (don’t you love how they put things?) the original tumor they were fighting was completley gone, which is one of the points that support the new area not being tumor.  Other things were, it’s appearance, location, and that the new growth doesn’t seem to be what’s causing her to loose speech and movement directly.  These facilities were lost either substantially or in small increments as a direct result of seizures she had.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and prayers.  It means so much to our family.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for being there.  We appreciate every bit of everything everyone has done for us.  We are truley blessed.

- Kent

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  1. Brenda McKean on July 23rd, 2009

    Kent - My heart goes out to all of the family in trying to deal with the roller coaster ride cancer brings. Please know that you…all the family..are in our prayers. Also…just a statement that we thank God for the incredible husband you have been for her. The true test of “in sickness or health” is not always experienced so young in life. I believe there are many rewards in heaven and something special must be there for those that love as God would want them to. God bless! Brenda and Gordon McKean