Football Dreams

I have to share a story with you all about my son and his school. He has played football for many years now, since he was in seventh grade. He has the best heart of any young person I know and he shares that with his coaches who notice that he has a different attitude than most players. So, he is applying at colleges and is joining a program at his school called pals. He had to fill out some paper work and answer many questions about why and how he would make a difference and who he can count on and who his hero is. Well, I was reading this and he had some wonderful things to say about why he wanted to be a pal to a younger student and how he can be a mentor to them and so forth. My husband even thought it was funny when he wrote “I am a Great person”,  I am proud of him and glad he thinks that.  My son thinks he is Great and he is! We get to the part of who his hero is and I was quite surprised he had put me, his mom down as his hero and he said you know why she is my hero: because she has faced cancer and never had a down moment always smiled through it all. I was so humbled by what he had written, he knows how much he is loved. Don’t tell him but he is my hero too!

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